Race, Diversity & Intersectionality

RDI™ Reflective Process

Overview: Reflective process is used in social service, health, education and mental health systems to support decision making toward increasing positive outcomes for people served. It is a collaborative process that is relationship-based, affective in nature, creates safe spaces for inter-intra personal experiences, develops self-care and supports effective decision making. 

RDI™ Reflective Process is a unique model developed to provide a lens, analysis and strategies to address issues of equity across Race, Diversity and Intersectionality (RDI)™. All services through the Village are offered through this lens. Within this model is the foundational concept that “relationship is everything” as participants reach for their shared humanity that connects them. RDI-RP™ involves creating emotionally supportive spaces to discuss issues of systemic racism and oppression and the impact on self, colleagues, clients, and communities.

Professional Consultation:

Reflective Supervision and Consultation Across Race, Diversity and Intersectionality (RDI)™ is for clinicians, educators and service providers as a mechanism toward increasing the understanding and efficacy of professionals in effectively working with diverse populations. Key to the process is to begin with self in order to deepen and expand reflective processes and self-assessment as they relate to positive outcomes. Through structured and experiential discussion and activities, participants will become more reflective and develop a shared RDI™ practice lens. 

  • Develop a reflective approach to identifying and exploring Race, Diversity and Intersectionality (RDI)™     within practice
  • Understand the role of supervisor and supervisee within the reflective supervision process
  • Apply a reflective approach to meeting the needs of diverse populations
  • Apply a reflective approach to meeting our own needs for self-care

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